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Tailor-made risk management for exchange rates

Market making with tailor-made trading and a wide range of currencies and instruments.

Customers who want to access the market via the web or Bloomberg
Customers who want to hedge against various scenarios: from the least risky to the most speculative
Hedging of exchange rate risk
Risk management with more sophisticated and speculative products
Banca Akros


We provide market making across a wide range of currencies and instruments, focusing on Spot, Forward and Options trading in major and emerging currencies, ensuring liquidity and speed of execution in all market conditions.
We can offer customised pricing and solutions through the use of vanilla or more complex options, NDF, Flexible Forward or TARF. Access to services is also possible via the proprietary e-trading platform or via BBG.

How we work

We do proprietary work on both Spot and Derivatives.

Requirements and solutions

We listen carefully to the needs of the companies that come to us, and design products that meet multiple requirements, such as:

Coverage of trade flows

– Currency positions related to import/export activities

– Requirements arising from the supply of energy and raw materials

Copertura dei flussi commerciali
Posizioni valutarie relative alle attività di import/export
Esigenze derivanti dall'approvvigionamento energetico e di materie prime
Our added value

We find the right product for every requirement, ranging from the simplest and most straightforward for those who want to avoid all risk to those who like more speculative profiles.

In addition, we offer accessibility to the direct Forex market through our proprietary platform or Bloomberg.



Contact us

Accessing Forex is simple and straightforward Please write to us for more information about the service and activate it on request.


Equity Derivatives Market Making (Listed & OTC)

We therefore offer cash listings and tailor-made instruments tradable OTC (Over The Counter) in order to complement market making activities with various types of instruments.


We cover the entire spectrum of financial investment products, from bonds to certificates, from funds to financial insurance policies, with a cross asset class approach.

Interest rates

We design and implement hedging strategies using plain vanilla and exotic instruments.


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