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The solution for advanced access to domestic and international equity markets and for a solid portfolio.


We offer access to the main domestic and international stock markets and act as a specialized counterparty on our own account.

Trading takes place on the main regulated and OTC markets.

The characteristics of the instruments (Cash, Derivatives, ETFs, etc.) and the methods of execution of the orders are agreed in advance to meet customer requirements in terms of amounts, the needs of each client in terms of types, liquidity and immediacy of execution, amounts, expiries, strike.


To meet the hedging and portfolio risk management requirements of our customers, we trade a wide range of equity derivatives, including:

  • plain vanilla options, including multi-year terms and combinations thereof
  • purpose-built exotic and hybrid options
  • non-optional structures aimed at off-balance sheet financing of customer positions




Equity Cash & Execution Services

We provide our clients, Financial Institutions and Corporates, listed and unlisted, with access to the Italian stock market and international stock markets.

Equity Derivatives Market Making (Listed & OTC)

We therefore offer cash listings and tailor-made instruments tradable OTC (Over The Counter) in order to complement market making activities with various types of instruments.

Equity Derivatives Listed (Brokerage)

We are one of the leading Italian brokers of derivatives (futures and options) listed on Italian and international markets and stock exchanges.

Equity Securities Lending

We act as a net lender using financial instruments available in the lending base owned by funds, banks and companies.

ETF Best Execution Engine (SABEetf)

Automatic access to all the best execution venues for trading ETFs, ETPs, ETCs and ETNs.

Corporate Broking & Specialist

We offer stock control, event organisation and attention to financial research.


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