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Customer Solutions

From analysing objectives and strategies to operational support and post-trade services.

Costumer Solutions

We offer our experience to Corporate customers and Financial Institutions with a tailor-made approach, providing a wide range of excellent financial products and services to meet the different needs in terms of investment, access to capital markets and financial risk management, by seeking efficient and customised solutions.


We support customers at every state of their financial transactions:

  • analysis of the regulatory and market environment
  • definition of the investment or hedging strategy
  • post-trading

We ensure high standards in terms of pricing quality and speed of execution, and provide access to major OTC and regulated markets in interest rates, equity, commodities, credit and foreign exchange.


Interest rates

We design and implement hedging strategies using plain vanilla and exotic instruments.

Forex & Commodities

We operate in the main regulated and OTC (over-the-counter) markets, offering customised solutions for our corporate customers.


We trade and manage a wide range of equity derivatives on regulated and OTC markets.

Credit & Others

We trade non-government bonds at the request of the Group or professional customers.


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